Millennials x Activism

Following the visit to Bantayog ng mga Bayani, which was our last CWTS session for the semester, I had developed a new perspective on the activism, or lack thereof, of our generation today. I realized that the generation, the circumstances we are in, the state of the economy, of the nation, and factors as such determine the magnitude of our actions; our radical efforts. It is not in whether we parallel the effort and strife undertaken by the previous generations, but with what we do with what we were left with. We should see to it that whatever they fought so hard for would not just fade to nothing, that we stay radical and fight for what we believe in, in whatever way we can; given the situation we are in.

It just so happened that the generation during Marcos’ regime had been unfortunate enough to be put in such position, which was more difficult, when compared to if the same instances were to occur today. But the severity of their situation is what led their generation, to do something extraordinary; because it was called for. And now that we have the said freedom they fought so passionately for, it is up to us to put it to good use and continue their legacy. I don’t see it necessary to have the take-it-to-the-streets type of rallies anymore, because we now have the power of social media. It is our job to put this to good use as a platform to voice out our concerns. We millennials lack awareness, we aren’t shaken or unsettled even the slightest bit and frankly, some of us just don’t care. That’s because we haven’t woken up to a brutal reality such as the one caused by Martial Law. Yes, the earlier generations had some sort of awakening in the form of the Marcos’ regime, but do we really need something as severe as that to happen before we start making an effort?


Ma. Bianca Ysabelle C. Kit
2012 58453


3 thoughts on “Millennials x Activism

  1. I agree that our generation’s way of expressing our thoughts is through social media. A blog or a post can trigger us to do something, but sadly after such time it slowly starts to fade and only a few really act upon it.

  2. I guess the activism in our generation could be attributed to vigilance, to make sure that what happened in the Marcos regime does not happen again. And I agree that social media can be a viable way for such activism. But when time comes, we should also be prepared to not just let ourselves be heard, or seen, but also felt.

  3. I guess that we have to acknowledge the fact that activisim in our generation is different from the previous generations. Instead of worrying why our generation isn’t like the previous generation, it is high time that we acknowledge that we are different and try to find new forms of activisim that is appropriate for this generation.

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