Goals. Plans. Objectives.

People have different plans and goals in life. Whether it may be a short or  in a long term goal, we must plan it ahead on how we can achieve these things.  

In my case, I have two career paths in mind on my “10-year plan” in life. Either I’ll focus practicing Business/Economics in a certain field I’ll choose after college, or pursue postgraduate studies like Law. Ever since high school, I love social sciences. I love how the people interact in the society and how different entities/factors affect the present condition of the community. In addition to that, I have this aspiration in initiating sociology-civic works even the simple ones, because I believe someday, I can contribute for the betterment of the society. However, I need to start myself and doing necessary preparations in achieving these objectives.

As of now, I want to hone my potentials, ponder my weaknesses and optimize my strengths. I believe that years I’ve spent in college would be a good training ground for me on spending time outside the university. I know that it is different out there. And UP offers a wide array of opportunities to its students to explore and maximize. Even though there are times when I feel frustrated, I know that it’s value adding experience for me. As what other says: “Push the Limit”, I want to use this line in pursuing my dreams and choosing my career on the future. I want to live what “Tatak UP” is and what an “Iskolar ng Bayan” should be.



Marcelo, Victor



One thought on “Goals. Plans. Objectives.

  1. @Victor, I have the same love for the social sciences as you do, which is why I opted to shift out of my pre-medicine course (psychology) and to focus on a more mathematically-rooted discipline such as economics. I wish you well in your future endeavors but I do hope that you take into account what many of our speakers have said about being an “iskolar ng bayan at iskolar para sa bayan”. The bottomline is that where you work doesn’t matter as much as what you do. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to work in the corporate setting, in the halls of a government institution or within the bounds of a far-flung community. What matters is that what you do is ultimately FOR the people because you know it to be true that the people paid for your education. And, in light of the recent news about Mark Joseph Solis, I do hope that honor will ALWAYS come before excellence – that your values should always be reflected into actions that are just and true.

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