What If You Stopped Sleeping?

I go on YouTube often and I came across the video, “What If You Stopped Sleeping?” by the AsapSCIENCE channel. I want to share it here because it talks about the effects of not having enough or having too much sleep – which is very timely because finals week is fast-approaching.

Finals week goes hand-in-hand with the intense procrastination, stress-eating, distractions, and of course, all-nighters. Some like to study early then have a good amount of sleep and some study a few days before but still have little sleep. While I, and I think of most of us, like to start studying late and take the exam with no sleep at all. Sleep goes down the list of my priorities during finals week.

After watching this video, I am now more aware (and scared) of the consequences of not having enough sleep. It also made me think about the many things that cause my bad sleeping habits. I realized that I lack sleep in general (even if it isn’t finals week) not mainly because of academics, but because of social media and org work. Both social media and org work are the main things that affect my academic performance. What usually happens is I spend all my time on the Internet and org tasks, and then I end up cramming everything academic-related at night. In order to fix my sleeping habits, I have to know my priorities, avoid distractions, and stop cramming. This video really motivated me to study early and prepare well for my finals. I hope you learn something from this video too!

SORIANO, Anna Bettina F.


10 thoughts on “What If You Stopped Sleeping?

  1. I just wanted to say that I love AsapSCIENCE because they unravel so much mysteries about the science around us and creatively feed off information in short and concise videos. I watched this one about not sleeping and it gave me an affirmation about how my sleeping pattern isn’t actually healthy at all. I think that in balancing the time to finish studying or doing other kinds of work with getting enough sleep, the main point is in efficiently utilizing your free time. I think that giving up sleep shouldn’t even be an option because it prevents you from actually be productive the next day (at least for me). The consequences of not sleeping at all or even not getting enough sleep are indeed scary, which should be enough motivation for efficiently using up the time we have on a daily basis and spreading them out equally for maximizing productivity. Easier said than done, but if we can actually do it, the incentive for more free time and more sleep is waiting for us in the end.

  2. Sleep is for the weak… (just kidding)
    Sleep is one of the most taken-for-granted thing for us students…
    There’s also one thing weird with sleep… Sleep length is also connected to your genetics, some people doesn’t need that much sleep (I envy them)…
    The average person needs about 6-8hrs, while some (they’re sometimes called mutated) people only need 4-6hrs to be fully energized and ready for the day…

  3. Really interesting and cute video you found! With finals week coming up, I was actually planning to pull off some all-nighter but then this is making me think twice about it. Getting the right amount of is really important and should be practiced by everyone.

  4. Interesting blog! I can somehow relate with this because like you, I only get few hours of sleep because of org work and social media. And of course, consequences are bad. In the morning, I always feel dizzy and sleepy. How I wish can sleep enough even just for one straight week. I should really know how to manage time well.

  5. This video made me think twice about my now-habitual all nighters (that’s about to change now). Interesting share and worth watching since I think all of us can relate to losing sleep or getting too stressed out over academics. Really helpful!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I think lack of sleep is a problem we all carry with us once in a while, and I personally have this problem pretty often. It’s a shame because it could actually be avoided with better time management and discipline. Sleep really is important, and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

  7. Very informative! College students need to take care of their bodies more. I mean yes, college is basically blood, sweat, tears, and the frequent all-nighters but it can be avoided through being productive instead of procrastinating all day. Besides, getting good quality sleep actually helps before exams. šŸ˜‰

  8. Students have gotten used to sleeping late and pulling all-nighters and most of the time they consider it something to be proud of (“Guess what time I slept last night!”), when in fact we should boast about how much sleep we get!

  9. “Ang tulog nababawi ang singko hindi.” I think the video provides a great counterargument to this common saying of UP students. Many of us view sleep as expendable especially during periods dubbed as ‘hell week’, but then just because we don’t see the effects now doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. I’m guilty of pulling all-nighters (sometimes in a row as circumstances demand it) but this video really opened my eyes on its consequences. I’m definitely going to change my study habits… starting next semester.

  10. Thank you for this ! šŸ˜€ Now I know why I always get sick and have poor grades :p. Since I already know that my health and AND my grades are somehow related to the length of my sleep per day, I want to change my sleeping habits slowly but surely. :> Yay for healthy living ! šŸ˜€

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