I have always believed that it is one’s values and opinions that make an individual unique. Our values are what grounds and guides us. Our opinions, thoughts and ideas on the other hand, are what distinguish us from the rest. These are what represent the image we have that is most often than not a product of our own doing but in some instances is a result of others’ perspectives and judgment.


Media nowadays has been used to stir up issues that supposedly contain “information”. So whether the information would be regarded as rumors, words invented and perhaps changed by people or words coming from involved people, all these has a starting point. This “starting point” reflects on our values. Why do these issues exist? They exist because we patronize it. Why do we patronize it? We patronize it because we are amused by all these fuss. Yes, I may be generalizing already but isn’t there a possibility that what I’m saying is true? Others consider these tabloids as non-sense and useless information but the mere fact that one is aware of these and is somehow hating on them can somehow be considered as one’s interest to it already, even just a little bit. It makes us seem to be very meddling with other people’s lives because of all the reactions we make and give regarding things that are not really substantial in life.


We cannot put the blame only on society and media for the popularity of tabloids because the truth is there wouldn’t be any story to stir everything up if the people who are the subjects of these “news” are not present. Somehow, they bring these also to themselves no matter what complaints they say or regardless of how they feel used or mistreated by everyone around them. Their actions and reactions are part of the whole play of things. Somehow, it is in their being self-centered that they bring more attention to them. Everyone has the right to speech but sometimes, voicing out your own thoughts and defending yourself brings even more commotion.



One thought on “ISSUES

  1. It is so sad how mainstream media and even newspapers, especially tabloids, tend to sensationalize their stories just to get audience and earn profit.

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