Imagine a buff dude

That is wearing micro mini skirt

And has polished glittering nails.

Imagine an ice cream truck

That only sells shoes

And it plays the ambulance siren

Instead of the distinct ice cream tune.

Imagine a basketball ball

That is a cube and not a sphere

It’s colored pink, and not orange or black.

Imagine a sexy girl

                                                That loves long armpit hair

Has moustache and knee-length beard.

Imagine an umbrella

                                                                                                                Which is triangular

And made of paper.

All of these are a collection of some realizations of a concept known as normalization.

Without any action, these will be left as norms to our nation.

If you find these weird and this article’s format as an apprehension,

You are a product of this awful standardization,

And most probable, you have the same usual perception

To people who are “suffering from gender-wise deviation”

What a poor destination. These people ought not to suffer this annihilation.

With that, I imagine a society with acceptance of correction,

And may my imagination be put into conscious comprehension.


-Earl Ricser Viray (2012-04819)

9 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. Hi, Earl! First, I really love the message. It’s not typical and about going against the flow, just like the format of what you wrote. The second to the last line you wrote, I imagine a society with acceptance of correction, is something I wish for as well. We live in a world where it’s our mistakes given attention and not what good we’ve done. Hope you write more about unconventionality!

  2. This is such an eye-opening poem! People succumb to social “norms” everyday without really knowing why, they’re kind of just born into thinking that that’s the only way things are and this poem really helps articulate how upsetting society is. I’m going to admit, when I read the first line, the image looked a little weird in my head which goes to show how even when you don’t mean to judge people, you do because that’s how you were kind of brought up because everyone around you does it too. I really hope one day society changes it’s norms and just accepts everyone as they are.

  3. Amidst all these write-ups in this blog, this one really stands out. And I like how it does stand out for all the right reasons! I think that being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing, sometimes, society just really frowns upon seeing something peculiar. In a way, this is mostly due to the social norms we experience which I think crowds out every idea that is different. I think that the society you wish for is far from a utopia once we sincerely accept that people are unique and change is ubiquitous in nature. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks.

  4. Hi Earl! It’s my first time to see such a composition and I enjoyed it. If only I had the power to remove social norms, I would do it. Ever since I was a kid, I hated how society imposes such norms that hinders a person to do what he/she wants. Personally, I feel that these norms deprives me of my freedom to act. In addition, a lot of people have already been marginalized because of these norms. These social norms are some kind of a dogma in the society wherein if you don’t follow it, you’ll not be accepted by society. That is why I also envision the same society as yours, Earl, wherein everyone will be accepted no matter who they choose to be. As much as I hate to say it, this kind of society we envision is far too idealistic but then again who can stop us from imagining? Thanks for this great post, Earl! 🙂

  5. I was amazed how you wrote this composition, it’s very unique and very true. 🙂 How I wish that this imagination will then turn into reality. It’s good to have a society that accepts not only normal things.

  6. This post really does demand attention and is worth reading! I like how you wrote this. But yes, a society without marginalization or norms would be great. Although nothing would be normal then, and most everything acceptable, I see that as far better than what we are living in today where discrimination and marginalization dominate.

  7. I was just intrigued with the format of your poem so I read it, and I’m glad I did, it served as a wake up call. People rely on norms so much that anything goes against it wouldn’t be accepted. I hope people will entirely realized that norms are just norms and one can go against it, though with some limitation ofcourse. 🙂

  8. Definitely unique and I think that’s the message you want to give right? If only we had like buttons here I would definitely like it. That aside I also taught about how the world would be if we named all those things differently than what we have now. Nice work.

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