Changing the Climate

Greenhouse Gases. Climate Change. Global Warming. These words normally come up on the daily news. It’s followed by the consequences of said phenomena, airborne diseases, sea level rising and higher temperatures. It’s a serious issue that many people know, but do they really? High School and College students can explain, to some extent, the science behind this. Almost everyday there’s a new study published and its results spread like wildfire. New ideas come up, like diesel from vegetable oil and biodegradable plastic. 

Even the local government is taking necessary actions. In the city of Antipolo, the use of plastic and Styrofoam is banned. Commercial establishments aren’t allowed to use these products anymore; instead they encourage their customers to bring their own Eco bags or package their products using paper. I do my part in this campaign; I bring my own Eco bag and sometimes tell them not to provide the paper bag. It’s the little things that can bring about great change. It’s often overlooked but it can go a long way. 

But what else can I do? I’ve thought about it and decided I would want to be like Marshall in the TV series How I Met Your Mother. I love Mother Earth and nature; I would want to dedicate my life preserving it. As an environmental lawyer my reach and influence is greater. I could work for NGOs maybe (legitimate ones, not those set up by Napoles), DENR or a private firm that has an environmental advocacy.

Becoming an environmental lawyer is one dream I am not letting go.


6 thoughts on “Changing the Climate

  1. In my town in Sta. Rosa in Laguna, plastics are also banned. But up to the present, plenty of people still uses plastics. Noticing that they still comprise the majority of trashcans and garbage bags saddens me. In the end, environmental orders and laws are useless unless strengthened by the agencies that implement and followed by those which it applies.

    • Plastics has it’s advantages… In the cases of “wet” food and garbage, paper bags are inefficient as it gets destroyed before it gets to the destination… That’s where biodegradable plastics come in, they’re a form of hybrid plastic bags that actually degrades when exposed to the correct environment (I don’t manufacture plastics so I don’t know everything)…

  2. Push your dream and put it to reality. Many people indeed take for granted the environment. Rekindle the environmental fire inside every Filipino’s heart and extinguish the fire that gives rise to pollution. To become a lawyer is my dream as well, but I never imagined myself becoming an environmental lawyer. Thank you for giving me the perspective that people aren’t the only ones that need justice; environment deserves defense from a lawyer too!

  3. Similar to you, I have great passion for the environment. That’s why I’m considering to be an Environmental Economist in the future. I think we’ve been put in an incredible position here in UP and in UPSE specifically to make an impact not just to the business or corporate sector, but also to the environmental sector. It’s about time that a lot of people stand up and fight for creating a bigger influence in solving problems like Global Warming.

  4. That’s so great, Kamille! I can really relate to your post. Just like you, and Adriel in his comment above, I truly believe in the need to preserve our natural environment. It’s actually amazing how important a factor economics can be when working towards sustainable growth. I myself am considering a job where I can deal with resource management. But I just really wanted to say that admire how you’re pushing to fight for what matters to you.

    P.S. That’s so funny, I was just watching an episode of Marshall in action!

  5. In my hometown,Lucena City,Quezon, plastic is also banned. They sell eco-bags instead. I think that this small simple measure is a small step towards a great vision of preserving the natural beauty of our planet. I admire you Kamille for not giving up on your dream to become an environmental lawyer.

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