Is there an end to this?

The conflict between China and Philippines about who owns South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) is quite long. Will it ever end with just a diplomatic approach or does an actual war have to happen? How would the two countries resolve the issue with a simple process of arbitration when people themselves of both look at each other as hostiles?

There’s this thing about a “demonizing the enemy” approach as a step to win battles where one makes the other look bad to develop hate among people to unite and stand against the other. Take a look at this:

The writer talks about how Major General Zhang Zhaozhong, a Chinese military theorist, demonized Philippines on a TV interview in Beijing. At first this post gave me more of a reason to hate China and some people in it. But as I read through the article, I realized that even this Filipino guy is doing the same thing. I must admit, his “demonizing” trick was quite effective but his use of hateful, unnecessary, irrational statements nullified the effect of the first things he said.

Nevertheless, it would be better if non of both sides were doing stuffs like this “demonization” thing. The people concerned should act more like adults, be more honest with each other. Also, one should not inspire hate just because one’s country looks like it’s being bullied by the other, or something like that. One should always do one’s best to ONLY stick with what’s true and no other unnecessary plug-ins just to gain support for what one thinks is true. Just remember what the tiny green dude from Star Wars said: “…hate leads to suffering” so to end the suffering which I think everyone wants, we must stop developing hatred. But what can we do? when it’s all about money, all hell just breaks loose. If non of the nations were so greedy, and if what John Lennon said was true, the world will soon really live as one.

5 thoughts on “Is there an end to this?

  1. I’ve also noticed this “demonizing” habit people (not only Filipinos) do whenever faced with an apparently strong opponent. It’s sad though how some people resort to using this to convince others to take their side. People who fall for these kinds of approach have shallow basis for judgment.

  2. That’s true Zaldy. That hate really leads to suffering. It’s the sole reason why we should love and understand each other for the suffering to end.

  3. I agree. Tactics like demonizing won’t do any good. It is best if the countries stop hating on each other.

  4. Regardless of whatever demonizing we do to China, the fact remains that we are nowhere close to their military and economic capacity. And they find solace with that. I think it’s a waste of time for us FIlipinos to raise ad hominem attacks on Chinese, because it won’t do anything at best; at worst, they may even use that to as an excuse to attack us.

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