Where do we go from here?

After a whole semester of hours upon hours of lectures and guest speakers varying from the dead serious to the downright hilarious, some lessons were bound to have made an impression. First, appreciation for all the topics discussed, particularly culture and nationalism, has been stressed. Even the task of composing these blogs, no matter how tedious, has the positive effect of encouraging us to make time for and be aware of current events despite our tight academic schedules (e.g. SONA). Second, aside from being in the know, we must also propagate any knowledge that will benefit society as a whole, as was underpinned by the latest lecture on climate and disaster management. By doing so, we not only raise awareness on certain issues, but similarly incite proactivity (versus mere reaction which may come too late) as a result of this increased knowledge (i.e. people would be more prepared should disaster strike). Moreover, the significance of remaining resolute and standing up for what’s right has likewise been emphasised. As was highlighted by the lecture on human rights and feminism, not only do we need to know our rights and obligations, we must also have the audacity to exercise these and to speak up when violation or negligence takes place.

That being said, where do we go from here? In my opinion, there is no need to follow in the footsteps of some of our speakers. We don’t need to join official groups to protest against the evidently wrong things in society, neither do we need to invent innovative apps or projects in order to inform others and raise awareness, nor do we need to have an accomplished profession as lawyers to stand up for others. Such things will follow, depending on our own individual paths. However, at the moment, I believe the best we can do as a whole, is to develop our own character and skills so that when the time comes and we’re out there in society, we’ll be able to demonstrate our own tatak UP.


One thought on “Where do we go from here?

  1. Indeed the different lectures we had from the speakers, experts in their own fields, taught us a lot. We need not follow their “footsteps” as we can make our own too in incorporating what we all learned in the series of lectures in our CWTS class. We can even apply it in our own little ways now, we just need to have dedicaton and passion as they had, and that is tatak UP for me. 🙂

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