Question on Originality

            An interesting question was brought up by our professor in Art Studies. “Why is there a need to create something new? Why is imitation a big no-no?” The immediate reaction was because of it being unethical, stealing other’s idea. Yes it is unethical and also illegal but putting aside all these technicalities, what do you think would happen when everything is the same?

            What if every song has identical concepts, every hairstyle is the same or all houses are indistinguishable? There is nothing new, different nor interesting. If everything relies on imitation or replication we would have the tendency to lose interest in those works of art. It’s nakakasawa. Nothing or no one would stand out. It is a world without progress, evolution or development. Art is everywhere but if everything is one and the same, we would be numb to those things and maybe even start to ignore them just like our everyday rituals. Our professor asked: “What is the first thing you do when you get home?” I personally don’t know the answer to that since it has become much of a ritual. The same thing happens when every thing that surrounds us is identical. We would start disregarding or even worse forget their existence.

            Every one of us is unique. And we should not limit ourselves with what’s the hype. We should not be afraid to express what we feel, think or believe. We should be original. So…Be creative. Be special. Be YOU.

-Patricia Andres



2 thoughts on “Question on Originality

  1. I think I’ll take up Art Stud. oonga naman. One will really get tired of the same thing over and over again. Even repetitive ideas, manufactured ones, are already tiring to review. The same for people, too, I guess.

    There’s so much beauty in uniqueness. I hope people will have the courage to actually pursue it.

  2. This is a very good post! :bd

    It is better to be unique than to imitate someone. Stepping out of the shadow of the one you idolize will make you a better person because you can now explore more of yourself.

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