Disaster? So What?

The Philippines has been struck by typhoons since time immemorial, and almost each one is accompanied by class suspensions, floods and deaths. Each year, we see the same thing happening – students rejoicing, donations coming in and the Philippines trying to pick up the fragments left from the rains. I have acquired a bit of apathy over the years from all the repetition. The problem is that we anticipate but do not attempt to do long-term solutions. For the government, it is forgotten that urban planning is a big factor. I am stupefied by the lack of organization in our cities. Are the water ways even planned out? Are residential areas not too close to dams and rivers? From what I gather, the answers to these questions are disappointing. We have so many hotlines and evacuation centers, but what happens after? Prevention is always better than cure. The government should come up with measures to completely minimize hazards. Of course, the citizens also have a part. Allow me to say that Filipinos lack discipline and can be really stubborn. Do not get me started with the pieces of trash accumulating in the streets which worsen floods. When floods do start, some citizens refuse to leave their houses. If they do, it is not unusual to find a lack of system in evacuation centers. Desperation leads to chaos. We need to remember that each action can affect not only ourselves but others as well. You might argue that a lot of people donate and volunteer when needed, but those are not enough. Awareness should be spread. It is time for us to start acting like the rational creatures that we are. Let us not allow ourselves to experience the same things over and over again. We may not have control over the organization of the city, but we can still play our part. When we change our perspectives and instill compassion within ourselves, perhaps our country will be flooded with something other than rainfall.


3 thoughts on “Disaster? So What?

  1. This is true. Filipinos should not always blame the government for all the disasters that is happening around us. We should also do our part as a member of this society. Stop complaining. Start thinking how to make a difference.

  2. I agree with you. If we want to get something done, we must so it ourselves. If we want change to happen, it should start from us. Simple things like properly disposing off our trash is a good practice on how we can help lessen the burden of the government on helping us during the rainy season.

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