Birthing New Opportunities

CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility. Many companies do it either for the great PR or out of the goodness in their hearts. Most of the time, I would have thought that they did it for the previous reason stated, but I seem to have a change of heart after I heard Mr. Jose Maria Ochave of United Laboratories Inc. during one of the NSTP sessions my batch had.

I guess it was wrong of me to assume the worst in big corporations rather than having the presumption of their innocence. Though in defense of my previous mindset, if you are making it big, why bother helping out in the community that doesn’t even try to help themselves? I mean when you observe the streets of Metro Manila, it is common to see many people begging in the streets. These people take many different forms: children, the supposed working class, the elderly and mothers with their babies. Now, these people have existed even before I was born. Many of them are just the future of the generations that have passed. Which got me thinking, what have they been constantly doing wrong for the past years for them to stay at such a state or how could the past generation stand to pass on the misery they are experiencing to their children? The past me, ignorant of the world’s workings, simply concluded that it was their fault. They did that to themselves. What I didn’t account for was how they were born in such environments on how they didn’t have a choice in the matter. Most of them weren’t given opportunities to work with. They just make do with what they have to survive the cruel world.

A life is an opportunity in itself. A life lost is an opportunity lost. That’s why, in Mr. Ochave’s talk, I was actually impressed that one of the biggest corporations in the country would have such a program. Their partnership with the government of Quezon City to help out with one of the country’s biggest assets, which are the pregnant women is a project to look out for and to be supported. Medicines are one of the most costly commodities ever made. So though Unilab is a pharmaceutical company, it must be costly to do something like this considering the many facilities they have to put up/ set up. This didn’t hinder them though. They still pushed through with the project and as far as I can see, it is quite successful.


2 thoughts on “Birthing New Opportunities

  1. Before I went to college, I was quite set on entering the corporate world right after I graduate. Upon entering UP, however, I’ve met people are so against the corporate world because they don’t think they’re very socially relevant. I’m glad I read this post, because it gives me hope that there are corporations that fulfill their social responsibility without motives of self-interest 🙂

  2. Like you, it didn’t really hit me that corporations’ social responsibility could be so directly beneficial to people. It’s a win-win situation: economically, it’s more efficient since they have the resources and capital to finance such a huge project, they get to build their brand equity, and of course, they help those who need it most. Hopefully, our training in UPSE could help us be socially-responsible even if (or when) we wind up at the top of the corporate ladder.

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