We, Filipinos, unconsciously find ourselves in front of challenges and problems, being reminded of their role in our lives. It reminds us of our human nature along with our weaknesses and our capability of overcoming these struggles in our lives. Others see these as necessary sufferings but in my opinion, I have realized that they are opportunities for us to rise above as a nation becoming stronger and better.
Time and again we have been faced with different trials such as natural calamities, government issues, wars and conflicts but amidst diversities we remain hopeful in bringing out the best in ourselves and in others, in all our tasks and endeavors. A kindred spirit is very evident in us, sharing that “never-say-die” attitude. We may have different experiences but still we belong to one country, one nation. Personally, I have high hopes for our country’s transformation. I believe that the time has come where Filipinos are fighting against poverty, corruption, and conflicts. This was and will continue to be possible if we recognize the light in our lives and in others. Just as science explains it, if you have a light source for your triangular prism, our experiences, dreams, and goals will all help us grow with the light source that we have—our society. By undergoing different yet seemingly similar experiences, we still translate to different individuals yet rooting in the same foundation, still belonging to one family.

  It is time that we show our resilience in all the trials we face as a country, just like gold tested in fire, let us come out united and successful. May we allow ourselves to undergo the process of transformation and may we see these challenges as opportunities for improvement and growth by learning from our mistakes. From there, we move on to other experiences with a stronger foundation. All of these is possible if we never lose hope in what we can do and most importantly, in what our society can do. It only takes initiative from us to start the transformation that is needed in society. Start within yourself and before you know it, you will see the effects of your actions in contributing to the unity and progress of our country. 

 –Melissa S. Sta. Maria 


One thought on “UNITED AS ONE NATION

  1. I really like your triangular prism metaphor! The Filipino spirit is truly unshakable and your post very well encapsulates how proud I am of my Filipino heritage. It reminded me of the tagline “The Filipino spirit is waterproof” that is popular every time there is a typhoon. We all have that fighting spirit that braves any adversity and I find that one of the most beautiful things about being a Filipino.

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