Thoughts on Nationalism

The Philippines is a product of a very long history and much of this history is occupied with our country being held under colonial rule. It was during these colonial years when Filipinos suffered under the abusive hands of the colonizers and as they struggle against these tyrannical settlers, they felt the need to break free from their bondage. Even though the Filipinos, way back during the start of the colonial times (1800s), are without long traditions of collective identity, the idea of national identity emerges as many of them strive toward a common goal: to set their nation free from the clasps of the foreign invaders. The upsurge of nationalism is stimulated by the shared goal to defend their shared territory and it also proved to be a force for good during these times. However, nationalism does not always evoke a positive force (For instance, nationalism in tandem with democracy. It wouldn’t sound positive anymore if you consider promoting the country’s aggressive territorial claims on West Philippine Sea).

As the speaker on nationalism and economic development has mentioned before, a history of struggle wouldn’t form bonds. We all need to cooperate to make a progressive nation, but at what scale? That would be the issue. By the conjunction of forces, our power would be amplified and this augmented power is essential for the solidarity of the group. Let me end this with a sentence that I liked most from what the speaker has pointed out: “you have not inherited the country; rather, you must build it up.”


-Ma. Anjellica A. Pucyutan


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Nationalism

  1. “you have not inherited the country; rather, you must build it up.”

    I hope you would be able to live up to this speaker’s expectation 🙂 And I know that as Iskolar ng Bayan, you have your ways of proving you are worthy to be a citizen of this country. Build it up for the generations to come! 😀

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