The Other Side

Overseas Filipino Workers are seen as modern day heroes. And why not? They are such remarkable people. They help keep our economy afloat. They send in remittances that help improve the country’s GDP. Helping the economy, however, takes a backseat in their main goal in helping their own families. These OFWs leave the country to provide for their families. They left the country and sacrificed their own happiness just to give a bright future to the people they left behind.

As much as these noble deeds of these OFWs should be celebrated, the number of people going abroad to earn a living should also alarm us. We should also realise that these people leave the country because they see far better opportunities for them in another country than their own. I think the great number of Filipinos should be an implication of what the situation of our country is in. These Filipinos would rather leave their home country because they see a brighter future for them if they work abroad.

Yes, OFWs should be honored, celebrated and admired. In fact, they are something our country should be proud of. But we should also remember why they ended up leaving the country and became OFWS. As we celebrate and acknowledge the sacrifices of these Overseas Filipino Workers, we should also take a step back and look at the other side of the situation. As more and more Filipinos leave the country, it makes one think, is the Philippines providing enough for the Filipinos?



2 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. That’s a really interesting question. I think the scope of the question is kind of broad, however, I’ll answer in the context that I think applies the most in the situation. I think the Philippines is not providing enough for its people in terms of jobs. The reason why OFWs choose to leave is because they don’t find enough job opportunities in the country. Not only that, they may also not be satisfied with the jobs that are available in the country. Government should do something in order to address this matter as instead of having Filipinos working in the country, they work and help other countries instead.

    • I agree the government has a duty to address the matter at hand, maybe through creation of jobs with better benefits, but I don’t think that it is the only institution to try and solve all the problems that comes with this.

      I like the question that this post ends with. “As more and more Filipinos leave the country, it makes one think, is the Philippines providing enough for the Filipinos?” I believe that “Philippines” is more than just the government, it is a country – including its people – as a whole. Yes, the jobs here pay a whole lot less than the ones abroad. However, it all boils down to an issue of nationalism as one of the previous speakers have said. Strong social cohesion in the Filipino culture seem to be limited only to family and the immediate relative and friends. As hard as it may be to accept, even for me, perhaps we as a people should start considering what’s best for our country and not just our family. If the Japanese can continue working for little pay back in post-war Japan and the Koreans can give up family heirloom and jewelry all for the purpose of building up their respective government and nations again, we Filipinos can do it to especially if we start viewing each other as true brethren.

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