Remebering 23/11/09


By: Eina Concepcion


868 dreams, voices and lives.

868 journalists have been killed all over the world for trying to expose the truth.


121 heroes, were killed trying to expose the shadows of Philippine society since 1989.


The number 71 put the Philippines in the list as one of the top 20 deadliest countries for journalists.


97% of deaths are murders; the victims did not die by accident but were assassinated.


64 from 71 is the number of dead journalists whose murderers have not been punished for their crimes.


It is because their murders were done with complete IMPUNITY.

64 deaths cannot be put to justice

because 64 crimes cannot be proven.


Lack of evidence,




people are afraid to speak up and act.


People who went out on the streets, with no fear.

They were not afraid in their pursuit of truth for the Filipino people

so it is only fair that the Filipino people use the same weapon.

Let us bring justice to our friends.



The Philippines hold the 2nd slot in two surveys:

1. Ranked number 2 in the top 20 deadliest countries for journalists. (Right after Iraq)

2. Ranked number 2 in the survey for unsolved media related killings. (Right after Iraq)

There are also 2 daunting facts:

1. The Philippines is racing head to head with Iraq

2. Journalist assassins are still getting away with it.

“The Media is a sign of true democracy … to foster liberty, justice,

fraternity, peace and human rights in our society … but the truth is …

the media is also a victim,” – Shacdev & Parida.

We live in a Democratic country

and Journalists are symbols of our democracy.

We should be enraged that our right to




is being brutally massacred as well.

Action:  Journalists fought injustice with words. 

Mr. Ampatuan was afraid of words

so he assassinated 32 Media personnel on the 23rd of November 2009.

Make words our weapon—we need to create noise.

Speak up.

Wake up.


1: Let us not fear this number.

(Let us not overtake Iraq.)

Spread the truth,

speak for Justice,

advocate for peace



will have died with Integrity.



One thought on “Remebering 23/11/09

  1. Got goosebumps from your post. My prayers go out to those 868 lives. I admire them for being able to speak up, in pursuit for the truth. They have died with integrity, indeed.

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