Thoughts on Judgment

Do we have the right to judge others too quickly?

Being free-thinking creatures, we are given the right to express our own opinions and our own standards of how things should be. We are entitled our own understanding of the traits our peers have but does it ever come to thought that we are actually evaluating the supposed shortcomings of others based solely from our own flawed perspective? Now that our society’s learning to think for itself, why let tradition and personal prejudice bring it down again to a level of perverse ideology? Even the standards we’ve come to know by habit were purely influenced by opinionated biases and traditional factors that may have been prevalent before but now that the liberal age of freedom is upon us, challenges to these ‘social requirements’ are inevitable. Borders are being crossed, stereotypes are being demolished, and even supposed factual data from the past are being debunked now as we speak. By letting yourself subject others to your own personal prejudices, you’re actually criticizing yourself because you’re causing your own stagnation. You are being left behind by the millions of people whose open-minds are being used for the total adaptation of our species.

Even in the simple confines of our campus, passing on judgment is on a rampant scale. Whether it may be on shallow level or delivered in a discriminatory fashion, the effect it has on the person is purely negative. Judgments hidden in the guise of ‘constructive criticism’ are results of how man copes with his own insecurities. Our species are socially dependent creatures whose line of thinking makes them strive to feel positively better about themselves, even if they have to step on others to do it. Who are those who suffer the wrath of these creatures? They are those who aren’t in line with the standards the former had set upon them. As I have said before, those who often judge others who think differently than them are cast upon a cycle wherein they will remain until they choose to grow out of it.

Man grows by not just tolerating what is out of the norm but by accepting it. We are thinkers, and closing our minds to ideas that seem to radically invade our own created space of understanding is just plain ignorance. Should a child really be tortured and enslaved just because he’s a dark skinned African-American? Does it matter if someone you know personally is a homosexual? Should you be passing around rumors without addressing your own personal problems just to feel better about yourself in expense of that particular person’s privacy? Is it right to insult an individual just because he lacks a social life you have deprived him off?

These are questions you must ask yourself for no one deserves the hate.

Van Guno




One thought on “Thoughts on Judgment

  1. I agree that man grows by not just tolerating what is out of the norm but by accepting it.
    Only narrow minds close themselves to new things, even if they may lead to growth or development of the self. Often it takes courage and an accepting mind to open oneself to such possibilities and step away from the comfort of ones biases. Hopefully one day we will be able to eradicate such prejudice completely!

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