The Revolution of the Filipino Intellectuals: A Contemporary Side Line

“Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the song of angry men.”

It was back in 1896. It was the time where all the culmination of the anger of the land ensued. Hundred of years of oppression has the land, the people tolerated and endured. This of course, was not realized by mere force; for it was and still evident that something cannot be wrought out properly without some form of guidance, a rally point and figures. What can mere muscle and brute power can bring? Nothing! Only when the mind of the people sees the light of the truth and just and becomes one, shall they attain something.

“It is the music of the people who will not be slaves again!”

But, that was the past. It is something that people no longer bother to learn wholeheartedly, if not grudgingly studying it in school. Are we approaching the age of apathy and lack of citizenship? Shall this nation crumble to the dust of population who is not participative. This country is marred with stints and taints. But, the majority is not stirred by these stains to our society. No, I do not blame them; for this system is the main factor of their current state, their current condition. However, I shall ask of them two things:

1) Do not let yourself be deprived of your rights or be apathetic. Poverty is not an excuse nor lack of formal education. Teach yourself the society and you shall become part of it. Know what is happening in your country. Though, I would not blame you for having a difficulty doing so; as the medium of ideals in this country is written in a language not grasped by the majority. Education is the key; and by the meaning of education, it is not restricted to the formalities of the four corners of the classroom.

2) You should realize that with your inaction comes the perpetuation of the system that made you in a major number of ways. You should realize that you are one of the main contributor of this nation’s woes by not hearing the plights of the Motherland. You are the children of this land and this land is weeping for you. Come and arise! Heed your country. It is calling you!

“It is a life about to start when tomorrow comes.”

With that, lies the requisites for being a hero/heroine; for in each and everyone of us is a spirit struggling to give back and be part of the “real” society. By tomorrow, shall the people be able to at least practice the “two” things, we will become a country of purity and justice, a land of brave, but not narrow heroes and heroines.

Philippines! There shall be a new tomorrow! The facts of the past may perish with time! But the ideals should not be allowed to perish!


– KM Martinez


Note: To Ma’am Durano, please I hope you understand that this is my post for the National Heroes’ Day. I mistakenly posted it in my blog. You can verify that I posted this on August 27, 2013 at


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