Struggling Nation

Standing tall with heads up high, with so much courage running in their veins.

So many reasons to give up, but still holding their grounds no matter what.

Fighting a battle that will never be fair, but still believing that something would change.


Nationalism can be shown in many forms. Many Filipinos have their own. Some organize themselves in the streets and let their little voices be heard by those who won’t even bother. Some use art as their own means of showing what they are fighting for ― through music, poem, visual art, film, photography or any kind of master piece. And some can’t think of any other way but get armed, forget their usual way of living and choose to stay on far flung areas like the mountains. 

Nationalism in so many forms,

yet there’s only one ultimate goal,

and that is to never stop until they all get what they really deserve,

even if it cost a life of their very own. 


~Zarina Pauline Devela


7 thoughts on “Struggling Nation

  1. Concise yet complete. That’s what I have to say for this post as it defines nationalism in a manner I couldn’t agree more with, yet manages to do it without wasting words.

  2. This shows that nationalism is not just about ideas. It is also about taking action. The manner by which we present our ideas might differ, but the important thing is that we do something in order to be heard.

  3. Giving yourself and devoting your whole life for the sake of Nationalism is probably one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in my entire life. Its true that there are people who are willing to die just to get something that they’ve longed for for a very long time. Literally.

  4. Short and powerful. And basically, I agree with everything you said. Although we each have our own ways of showing our nationalistic side, we all fight for the same rights and intentions.

  5. When I stop to think about it; nationalism isn’t different from any one of the incentives that the government employs to move us into a particular direction. Don’t get me wrong; I love the country that gave me citizenship and quite a number of things; but nationalism is just an idea for us to do what the government wants. At worst, it can even stunt logical reasoning and arguments; because it gives its citizens an excuse to not go beyond the reason “Para sa Bayan.”

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