Pnoy’s SONA for Pinoys

Like a lot of other Filipinos, I sat at home waiting for the presidents SONA. I waited for the SONA for two reasons; one, I had to watch it for a requirement and two, I was curious about what he had to say and I must say, he didn’t disappoint.

PNOY, Pang-masa

One thing that has really struck me about Pres. Aquino is his use of the Filipino language is in SONA’s which I think is a very helpful tool in closing the gap between the masses and the government. It’s an unfortunate reality that still, a greater part of our nation cannot afford good education which is indicative of the lack of literacy in English; the language that previous presidents, and the government, has used in their proceedings which I think is the reason why Filipinos have lost interest in involving themselves with national issues. More Filipinos now are able to understand what is happening in our country because of the breakage of this language barrier. People are able to express their own opinions with confidence because they can express them freely and more articulately in a language that they are comfortable with.

Spoon Feeding Isn’t Too Bad at Times

When I first heard that the government was going to be giving out transfer payments to the poor, I felt that they were losing their heads. My rationale was that the government was spoon feeding the poor when the state should have been teaching them how to fish, instead. But now, from my econ subjects, I have learned that it actually is an effective way of boosting our economy. Now that more people have the ability to purchase, this will inevitably increase consumption and thereby pushing up the country’s GDP.

 But what really made me change my mind about this program is the fact more children can now get an education they previously couldn’t afford. Before I thought that the world was black and white, if you really wanted to go to school, you would move mountains to do so but, I’ve learned that it’s pretty hard to move mountains for yourself when you have 6 other siblings who had rumbling stomachs. Now that parents are relatively more well off, they can now afford to both keep their children’s stomachs full and send them to school. Although it is a requirement that your child be sent to school to be part of the program, I think it’s a very powerful and effective incentive which will eventually produce more white-collar jobs of high incomes and, with high incomes come more well off citizens.

Education: A Priority

I also applaud the fact that education has been one of the priorities of the Aquino Administration because I really do believe that education is the key to lift us up from being tagged a “third world country.” He makes it a clear and realistic goal to bring more Filipinos to finish not only elementary but also secondary education. Also, he doesn’t simply say that he wants to send more Filipinos to school for the sake of bragging but focused on promoting the K-12 program which will provide quality education and create a greater potential for them to receive higher incomes and well off lives.

The TESDA program has also been revitalized and made more effective with a whopping 70% of their graduates landing jobs compared to the 28.5% four years ago. This is an indication that more Filipinos are landing jobs that can provide for their everyday needs and they need not rely on the old saying, “Isang kahig, isang tuka.”


I think that the implementation of having civilians do administrative work in the police force is an effective way to utilize our police force. Instead of sitting inside typing, more policemen can go out and assure the security of our citizens. But, how can they assure of our security when the masked-man riding a motorcycle has better aim than our policemen? That is if the man in the uniform had a gun at all. This is the next step in strengthening our police force, provide them with sufficient equipment and teach them how to properly and skillfully use these equipment. After all, what criminal would be afraid of a man whom he had better aim than? Moreover, with hiring civilians for office positions, a lot of jobs will open up for job-seekers. This will provide a lot of jobs and to get a grasp of just how many, just think of how many precincts there are in one city.

Haters will be Haters, but are They Really?

Despite the 2-hour listing of all the accomplishments of the past year, immediately after the president’s State of the Nation Address, a lot of criticisms from different news channels were heard. One professor said that he left out a lot of hot issues that were dying to be addressed like that of the Hacienda Luisita case, the peace agreements with forces in Mindanao and the charter change. Is he trying to avoid them to kill attention on these issues of does the state have its reasons for leaving these issues out? We all have our opinions and we are entitled to them but, what is more significant at this point is what actions we are going to take.

Maan Ariate

2012 – 59006

Note: I noticed that I was only able to post this on my blog page and not on the NSTP page. I posted this on August 1, 2013 on my blog page.


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