Nationalism is Consistency

 “It (Nationalism) is not limited to reflex actions to fight for a cause!”

– Kristel Shayne M. Sigua

It is mind boggling how, most of us Filipinos consider English as the language of the elite while we consider native languages like Tagalog or Bisaya as languages of the poor or the uneducated. But when a person from a foreign country makes a video of how horrible the Philippines is, everyone suddenly goes on fire and defends the Philippines, “their beloved country.”

Like her, I think that Nationalism isn’t a reflex action. True nationalism is constantly doing something to uplift or promote the name of the Philippines; standing beside it even when others are throwing a lot of negative criticisms about our country. We can only say that nationalism is truly burning within us if despite criticisms of our country; we focus on reversing these negatives.

True nationalism is consistency. Consistently giving efforts to improve our country and make it a better place for each and every Filipino. Consistency indicates that we really do believe in what we are doing. So, if one says that nationalism lives in him, he must consistently live by it.

Maan Ariate


*Note: Blog post to make up for an absence


4 thoughts on “Nationalism is Consistency

  1. I share the same sentiments. Being nationalistic isn’t just about defending a country when it needs to be defended. It is also finding ways to develop our country even when it’s relatively at peace. Metaphorically speaking, a big stone dropped to a pond will yield less effect (in moving the pond) than small stones dropped one by one. Also, consistency is really a key.

  2. I agree that Filipinos must learn to be consistent with their actions. Help shouldn’t only be given when it is needed but rather it should always be evident through our actions and words. Filipinos must also take the initiative to do something rather than just complaining about the current condition of our country. We are its citizens, it is up to us to lead for our country to develop and prosper.

  3. I think that nationalism is a subjective concept, wherein actions towards showing true nationalism can be in any form. However, there’s a certain attribute to what really makes true nationalism, that is, passion. It’s like consistency is the painting on the canvas that gives you a picture of nationalism. However, between those lines is what makes the painting so alive, passion makes nationalism come alive. If you’re truly passionate about your country, culture and your race, the words and actions come out sincerely and consistently.

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