Tatak UP: Integrity

This blogpost would be purely personal and may present ideas that might have conflict with yours.

Mark Joseph Solis is probably one of most irresponsible students of the university.

For a university that have “Honor and Excellence” as its major thrusts and motto, this student just don’t get it. I may not know his side of the story but fact is fact– a plagiarized photo for a national contest.

To give a little bit of background Solis won the top prize of the SMILES OF THE WORLD CONTEST by the Chilean Embassy in Manila. The package includes $1000.00 and a roundtrip ticket to Chile and Brazil. Solis used a picture of a smiling boy where he said was from Zamboanga, but the real owner, Gregory John Smith, refuted this claim and said that the said picture was taken in Brazil.

Personally, I think it is just right for the public to get mad at him for doing a very incriminating action just for the money and the trip and at the expense of what? The University’s name is included in every article and post that this issue is in. We don’t want outsiders to brand ALL UP students as “plagiarizers” because we know that this is not true.

We can’t really do anything to be able to avert the situation. What is done is done and the only thing that us Filipinos, especially the students, can do is to strive for a better work ethic and to be able to understand the consequences of our actions in the future

-Mate, Erwin John L.



4 thoughts on “Tatak UP: Integrity

  1. I was shocked when I heard about this news. It’s disappointing to hear that a UP graduate was capable of plagiarism. And the fact that he won and received a lot of prizes because of these photos are really depressing. His action has not only caused embarrassment to himself but to the University as well. You have mentioned “Honor and Excellence” but I believe that Honor should always come first before Excellence.

  2. It really is disappointing and it affects everyone in U.P. But, maybe what happened can show how much of a crime plagiarism is and shed some light on those who can’t comprehend it yet. Hopefully, no one will commit the mistake of replicating his in the future.

  3. It really is disappointing because I think that plagiarism is the number 1 crime that us students of the University of the Philippines would never attempt to do. I do not know what went on in his head for doing such a crime. But I must say that people are being unreasonably mean for making pages against him which would definitely lead to the downfall of the future career for a bright student like him.

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