Community Organizing

”You can do well by doing good.”

“Life is about meaning.”

Last September 2, the topic for our CWTS was about community organizing. I must admit, I thought I was going to find the topic boring. It seemed so complex to me. However, when the speakers started to talk about community organizing, it was actually interesting. The highlight of the discussion was Mr. Ochave’s talk about the latest Unilab project called SafeBirth. I found the topic really interesting because it’s relevant not only to the economy but also to the people. SafeBirth is a lying-in clinic project by Unilab that aims to provide women cheaper access to safe baby delivery. It was amazing that they were actually able to come up with a project catered to mothers and babies. I have always thought that maternal and child healthcare is a very significant topic to be discussed. I also liked the lesson he imparted us – that business is not a boundary to make social change and that anyone can be a hero just as anyone can be a community organizer. I will also never forget his life quotes and of course, the positive impact that he and his team have been making to the communities. He is not just a great lawyer but a very admirable businessman as well.

– Arrah Batiles


One thought on “Community Organizing

  1. I totally agree!! This part of his talk was really interesting. When he explained how this “SafeBirth” project works, all I could feel was “awww this is so sweet” (I actually can’t put my feelings in words but that’s basically the idea). Considering that Unlilab is the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, and very successful as well, this kind of project makes my faith in humanity restored 😀 Anyway, this project is really a big help to the communities because we all know that it is very important to make safe baby delivery accessible for women.

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