Will you?

I have written in the past about what is “Tatak UP”. I’ve also written about honor and excellence being a characteristic of a hero. Obviously these were written mainly as a course requirement, but still. There’s something that spurs in me whenever I think of these things (I suspect that it’s in my blood, but let’s not get into that).

Take for example, the first meeting of NSTP where the discussion was about being Tatak UP. The moment that I had heard about the topic, already it had caught my attention. I was wide awake, thinking deeply, listening intently. As each word got tossed in the air into my ears, I reflected on what they said, collecting in my head thoughts on the paths that could be taken as I live through my UP life. Probably not to anyone’s interest, I even took down notes (which, alas, don’t give me much help as of the moment; memories fly so fast, especially when time moves so slowly).

These habits went on as the class meetings passed. My pen kept on my notebook, my eyes on the speakers, and my ears to every word they said. However, things started to change. My focus was a little spread out (i.e. a bit to the front, a bit to my sides, a bit behind, a bit everywhere else). I stopped jotting down notes. I was no longer feeling the same magnitude of “chills” as before. I would have to admit, at some point, I even felt bored (I wonder who else might admit this).

So. Personal stories aside, why would I write something that can and probably will be seen by someone who has the power to give me a failing grade? For two reasons: 1) This is something that I would like to express, and 2) there’s this question that has bugged me ever since I stepped onto UP, and somehow my experience in CWTS gives me an answer.

Purpose. That’s the question. It’s a question of why. It’s a question of who. It’s a question that rolls up a newspaper and threatens you with it, that is if you look at it at all.

And what answer has CWTS given me? After all those speakers, after all those presentations, after all those hours sitting in the auditorium and looking and listening to the things that have been and are being done by people who take the initiative to act and at the very very least try to make the world a better place. Action. The answer is action. People’s actions and the belief that goes along with these actions. Doing that which is believed to help oneself, others, and the whole community. The right action.

Now, as I end this and hope that there is nothing I have written that could be used against me, I ask what I asked myself during one of our meetings:

Will you move?

-LeLourd Mithi Perpeña


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