If you happen to pass by the tambayans in the UPSE, you would notice the freedom board put up by our student council. Every month, there is a different question that students get to answer. For September the question happened to be “When do you feel safest?”

                Taking into consideration the prevalent crimes in this country, I would say never.

                Two weeks ago, our country was shaken by the news of the murdering of Kae Devantes, a marketing agency executive who was last seen alive leaving her office at Bonifacio Global City on her way home on September 6. Unfortunately, she never made it. The next day, Kae’s dead body was found under a bridge in Cavite. Recently, the police have found a suspect who admitted to the killing of  Devantes, their reason? “Napag trip-an lang”. Upon reading that statement from the suspect, I felt a surge of different emotions from shock to fear to anger. What kind of person would just kill another being for almost no apparent reason?

                That’s when I confirmed that we are never truly safe. Apparently, not all criminals have motives now, and there are people who would kill just for the heck of it and anyone could be a target, what happened to Kae could have happened to anyone. From what the news articles say, Kae lived a good private life just like most of the people I know and that’s the part that frightens me the most.

                Regardless of motives and the degree of the act, the big question still remains– will there ever be an end to crime in this country?

                A lot of people would say crime is heavily caused by poverty. People become so desperate that they resort to doing criminal acts to get a hold on some money. That reason makes sense and is true for a lot of situations but then how do explain our politician stealing money through corruption or political killings that happen during election season. Aren’t these people considered well off? In their case, crime is caused by greed and selfishness.

                So until all these causes are gone, which is very much unlikely, it’s best that we keep our guards up and take care all the time.             


Reference used:

-Alyssa Bianca Santos / 2012-24290


6 thoughts on “Safety

  1. Kae’s story was really like a wake up call for me because I used to take the topic of security and safety nonchalantly. I totally agree with what you said, especially with “that’s when I confirmed that we are never truly safe” because sometimes you think that nothing bad is going to happen to you and you take your safety for granted which really shouldn’t be the case.

    -Francesca Yazon

  2. In this day and age, we can never be too complacent with anything- especially with regards to our safety. When I read the article about Kae’s death (the one where they finally got hold of the criminals), I got shocked and scared how our safety could be sacrificed even in the comfort of our homes. It is truly sad how people would resort to crime for the sake of money.

  3. Sadly, if you’re a paranoid (well, I’m a bit), you’ll know that there exist infinitely (figuratively) many ways that something can go wrong… A small difference could make a big difference…

    Much like the situation this month in MOA, wherein a part of the ceiling fell… The one who saw the incident was delayed for a seconds tying her shoes making the family behind her got to the front of her… Unluckily, the family that just went to her front, their son was later hit (I think) by a collapsed ceiling…

    If you think about it, if she wasn’t able to notice her shoes, she could have been that collapsed ceiling… Small things really do change a lot of things… More than you know it…

    I didn’t brought that up to make you scared for his/her life, but to remind you that anything can happen and it’s never too late to do good things…

  4. We live in a world where people respond to incentives, to which the benefits may be unexplainable. Whether these incentives affect other people however is something not most of us think clearly about. It is unfortunate that Kae had to be a victim of something like that, moreover, I can’t even imagine what her family must be going through right now. Sometimes, the only think we can do is really to keep our guard up at any given moment. In a world as well where there will always be people who do selfish things, awareness and vigilance are the only answers.

  5. Reality sets in when you know that a lot of people have a disturbing courage of harming others with or without motives in doing so. It just scars me when I realize that there are people who can sleep every night knowing that they have damaged the lives of not just the person they killed but his/her family’s lives as well.

  6. I think it’s impossible to have an end for these crimes. I can’t say that we should think positive because how can we think of it if everyday we experience different kinds of crime. I think the only possible solution is to make ourselves safe everyday.

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