Safe is better than sorry.

                It has been more than a month since Maring; a tropical storm that bombarded our country with its heartless floods and winds, leaving us in a state of calamity and on the brink of hopelessness. It got me worried last Saturday when rain started to pour furiously. This was one of the few times I wished the rain to get the hell out. It was mandatory that the rain stopped because of reasons: first of all, we we’re, at that time, preparing for an important event. Second, not only was the rain merciless, it was causing me to shiver too. It just HAD to stop. Things were falling apart, and soon if the rain didn’t stop, I would fall apart too. I wasn’t prepared for this.


                This brought me back to when we talked about preparedness during one CWTS class. The video that was shown to us at the start of the session was quite shocking, disturbing and eye-opening all at the same time. The speaker during that class said non-verbatim, “If only they were prepared, their lives would have been saved”.


                Sometimes, we take things for granted. Warnings, alarms, and alerts, ignored because most of the time, we’re just really stubborn. This doesn’t just apply to floods and storms, but to other public dangers such as rape crimes and murders. Warnings are warnings for a reason, and it’s not meant to just be overlooked. One careless mistake, and poof, it might mean your life. We see on the news that even if the local government units called for an evacuation, people still stay where they are, even if they know their lives are at risk.


                Is it because the Filipino people have gotten so used to false alarms that they stop caring altogether? Where is the sense of urgency? Do we need a life to be taken away just so we learn to be careful and learn to prepare? It should not have to come to that. This is a call for urgency, more than that, it’s a wake up call for those who invite danger into their homes by not being ready.


3 thoughts on “Safe is better than sorry.

  1. “Do we need a life to be taken away just so we learn to be careful and learn to prepare?” Sadly, I would have to say yes. In the news we see families refusing to leave their homes (although they are already warned to) primarily because they doubt they will be under any trouble. And sometimes, it is what causes them to actually be in a bad situation. I just hope that people will finally see that, as your title states, safe is better than sorry.

  2. I really agree with you. I believe that this is also the case with jaywalkers. Although signs have already been put up to warn them that they could literally die for crossing the road carelessly, they still tend to not change their ways and ignore the warnings. This makes it really hard for drivers since they may cause unwanted accidents any time.

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