Perfect Country

“We don’t need to build our country; we just have to make it one.” Taking the quote to its most literal sense, I have to disagree. Philippines is already a State, that is an independent governed nation; hence, a country. But what makes many doubt its credibility as a country?

Surely, the widespread corruption is the primary candidate. For many years, Philippines had topped the chart of the most corrupt countries in Asia. Looking at the brighter side, we should be happy because we become more and more famous each year! But as reality speaks, we should be a lot more than worried. In fact, if our condition is to be exaggerated, the level of Philippine corruption is enough to put our country in state of emergency.

There are a lot more candidates that may contribute to our country’s dis-credibility. To name a few, brain drain, crab mentality, social gap, etc. These candidates make our country not a country in the eyes of many. Or to others, they prevent making Philippines perfectly a country.

My stand goes with the latter. They stop Philippines to be a perfect country. A perfect country is one with not much imperfection. Admit it or not, you cannot remove corruption, colonial mentality, and other candidates in a country. The problem in the Philippines is there is excessive of each; that is, excessive corruption, excessive crab mentality, excessive (insert candidate here). In order for our country to be perfectly considered a country, we should let it become a perfect one—a country with bits of imperfection.

You may wonder why imperfections are part of perfection. This is because imperfections are needed to distinguish perfection as light is needed to discriminate darkness. Perfection requires not perfect things, so in order for our country to be perfect, we just have to make it perfectly imperfect.


-Earl Ricser Viray (2012-04819)


P.S. Let your voice be heard and not be contented whispering…

“Shout until freedom
Body refuses to wake
Frozen whispering.”

2 thoughts on “Perfect Country

  1. That’s a nice concept you brought there. To add to that, we must start training ourselves not to cheat and plagiarize for us to be able to withstand the temptation towards corruption when we are already the ones leading this nation.

  2. Money is a powerful thing… It can corrupt the mind, it can make people do things, yet it can also save lives…
    Today, money can buy almost anything…
    Some honest people goes sour after being able to hold a large sum of money… Self-control is hard to maintain when opportunities of corruption presents themselves…

    Well,a flaw in the way of thinking of people can be changed gradually overtime… (though some brainwashing is required)

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