My very own tatak UP


I come from the other side of katipunan, the Ateneo de Manila. Having studied there from Grade School to High School, it was about time to get out and explore other boundaries, which is the University of the Philippines. Not much people supported my decision on transferring to UP, but I stand firm on why I chose UP: to learn more about life each and every day.

Upon entering UP, one thing I was most proud of, upon exchanging words with my friends and family about college, was that in UP every day is an adventure. There goes those times that I just got lost in trying to get to different places, from getting confused on which jeep to take, to wandering off to places I thought were my classrooms. Despite the big campus, what makes UP such an adventure is the people. Every day you can meet someone new, and get to know different cultures and lifestyles. From really diverse personalities and backgrounds, everyone I met made such a huge impact on how I see life.

Of course, we cannot forget the value and quality of education that UP offers us. Entering UP, I didn’t really have much expectation upon entering college, I just honestly wanted something different, but I was happy to experience and see what UP had offered me. One would be the quality of education brought about by passionate teachers. During my first year, I had so many passionate professors on what they teach and how they teach, it truly inspired me to learn from them and to really take my studies to a different level. The other, much needed life lessons on the ups and downs of being an isko. It’s been really challenging to compete with the different valedictorians of all over the republic, but it has been a humbling experience. I’ve had my fair share of outstanding grades, and disappointing downfalls. But each and every task just builds my character and I believe makes me stronger. The humbling experiences, to the lackluster performances, to the black propagandas, to the passion of the intention, all of these moments have taught me important lessons that truly make me grow as a person. Values and morals such as patience- in lining up for classes, dedication- in getting things you want done, awareness – in understanding different people, and a lot more.

I am just in my second year in this University and I can’t wait to learn, experience, and grow more each and every day.


-Matthew Nigel B. Mercado


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