Sino ang tunay na bayani ngayon?


I remember the time when heroes have to wear capes and masks.  I remember how I looked forward in watching every Marvel film in the big screen. I remember everytime a caped crusader starts from his humble beginning, a reporter, a photographer, a businessman, to someone who is extraordinarily super human. I can recall how he survived all the explosions. I can recount how at the end of the day he stood at the top of a skyscraper, grinning, as he once again saved the world.


But those days where too long ago, those where the days that the hardest decision to make is which candy to buy with my piso. But now, things have changed. Actually, a lot. I have grown and seen how cruel the world can be. How some people worked solely for their own interests. And to no avail, my legendary heroes were mere imaginations. As I sit here with my laptop, I suddenly begin to think who my new hero will be. I want someone who is far from superficial, someone whom I can definitely call a modern hero.


A lot of names popped in my mind -from the classic propagandists to the current day activists and reformists. But a piece of me says that sadly, I am too devoid from their experiences. I want my hero to be as personal as it can ever be. I want someone whom I have seen fighting for something, an idea or whatever. I want somebody whom I have seen sacrificing not only his time but even his life perhaps. I think these standards are hard to be met, but I just want my hero to be both perfect and realistic.


After introspecting too much, I think I might not be able to really find someone today that can perfectly embody the perfect hero, but I came to realize that there could never be. No body can give his everything for something. He can only give much. And changing the standards to this, I think there is no one I can think of no other than my parents. And for that simple reason, I consider them. They have given much, too much, not for something but for someone. And that someone is me. With my chosen special heroes, everyday is a Heroes Day. Good bye caped crusaders!


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