We are our own heroes

Ever since elementary school, we’ve read about heroes in our history books. These heroes fought for our freedom and independence. They sparked revolutions against our colonizers, and bravely battled our invaders with blades and bullets. But they’re not the only heroes that exist today; we are surrounded by a lot of people who are heroes in their own ways.

Think about the tricycle drivers who take you to the terminal, no matter how hot it is outside. Think about the traffic enforcers, no matter how strong the rain is, to give us a better experience on the road. Think about the taho and ice cream vendor, who would stand outside for hours, just to fight your hunger pangs. Think about the garbage collector, who regularly collects your trash, to keep our surroundings clean. Now think about your teachers who’d sacrifice their sleep so that you can learn. Think about your Starbucks barista, who serves you coffee even on holidays, just so you can relax. And then think about your father, who works overtime at the office, so he can send you and your siblings to school. Think about your friends, who would just stick around, so that you never feel alone.

Everyday, we are surrounded by great people and we barely realize how important they are to us. Like these people, YOU are also significant; we are our own heroes.


-Alessandra Gaborni, 2012-59063


3 thoughts on “We are our own heroes

  1. Most people nowadays usually connote heroes as somebody who shed blood for the sake of many. They tend to forget that heroes can bud from the most mundane. I hope that someday, everyone can appreciate the hero-ness within each person.

  2. I agree! Everyone can be a hero even through our own little ways. Being a hero doesn’t mean being brave and powerful. A true hero is someone who can inspire others to work hard and persevere. A true hero has a big and warm heart. 🙂

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