Today’s Heroes

When thinking of a hero, most people imagine superheroes like Superman, the Avengers and Justice League, someone who leaps into action, performing dangerous stunts and gets to save the day. Many people also think of those who are given recognition such as firemen, soldiers, and National Heroes. Are they the only heroes of today?

I believe that in the world we live in now, anyone can be a hero – ordinary men and women such as parents, friends, and teachers. Not many people realize what a hero can be characterized as, seeing as they are not on the Internet or on the news or on TV. If we search outside this technology, we can consider many people heroes such as a doctor saving a patient’s life, as a student standing up for someone being bullied, or something as simple as a stranger helping out an old man cross the street. These small acts of kindness give everyone the ability to be a hero and to inspire others to be heroes themselves.

Although there is no exact definition for them, I think that heroes are those that go beyond their call of duty and can overcome their doubts and fears in the pursuit of the things every person needs: love, life, and happiness.


– Anna Bettina F. Soriano


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