What Makes A Hero

What is it that qualifies someone to be a hero? There are a number of people in the world that we consider national heroes, personal heroes, or even superheroes. What exactly about them earns such a label?

It’s easy to see the feats that have been accomplished by war heroes, political heroes, historical heroes, and the like and write them off as great. They fought and sacrificed for our sake, so it’s no wonder that there is a day dedicated to celebrating such feats. In fact it’s so great that such things are taken as a given, and not really taken into any other context. How do aspiring youthful people like us live up to someone who died for a cause or fought some battle?

But it’s also something to point out that these people are just that, people just like us. These were simply people who had it in them to fight for their cause and to stand up for what was important to them. I think that beyond the accomplishments and the recognition, that is what truly makes them heroic. They did what they did because of their own passions, and for the sake of the greater good. None of them intended to turn out heroic (or at least I don’t think that was the main point) and that’s because they were fuelled by much more important motivations. That is what I choose to take away from such heroes. I’m honestly not much of a history nut, nor am I one who gets star struck with idols and famous people. I can’t exactly name a personal hero either. But what I am genuinely grateful for is the inspiration that these people send out. They showed what it’s like to really believe in what’s important to you. And it’s that brand of heroism that we can all relate to, and what we could always use more of in the world.

The heroes of today may not all be recognized for the same things as past heroes were, but they are driven by that same passion and sincerity. And the truth is, a real hero can come from just about anywhere. We don’t need to be flashy about the things we do. Each one of us has the capability to be a hero to someone else just as we are. Each day we choose to live for that cause, and not just for ourselves, we contribute and we become heroes too, in our own way.


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