The Makabayan

What is a hero? A hero could be a warrior, someone who is brave, or possesses heroic qualities.

Maybe 10 years ago, when all of us are still in elementary, I hate it when our topic in ‘Makabayan’ is National heroes. Aside from their old-fashioned names we also have to memorize their death anniversaries. Also 10 years ago I might not appreciate why they have to die. Isn’t life the greatest gift and we should preserve it? But then our ‘Makabayan’ teacher would always remind us that without their (heroes’) noble acts we wouldn’t be enjoying the freedom we have today. With this, I concluded that to be a National Hero one must sacrifice his life. And of course my conclusion is wrong because what really makes someone a National Hero is his unconditional love for his country.

Who is our hero today? I can say that Rizal didn’t want to be a hero. Being a hero is neither a profession nor a job opportunity someone can apply for. We define who is our hero. So I think that modern day heroes are the ones who we don’t recognize until they’re gone. They are the ones who continually do their simple acts through serving the nation and the people around them. They are the unknown who shows their love for our country by being good citizens, the Makabayan.

– Alyssa Paola C. Villaflores


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