The Hero Factor

What makes a person a hero?

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the word hero? Naturally, it is the word ‘savior’. Why? I believe that it is a preconception. It is what we were made to believe throughout our early history, whether it comes to reality or fiction.

Take a look at Superman, why is he a superhero? Or why is he a hero for that matter? It is because he saves the day. Take a look at our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Why is he a hero? It is because he saved people from ignorance and naivety. The word ‘save’ is always there when it comes to being a hero.

But everything has changed. What defines a hero is different in this modern age. Its definition is given and constructed by the many and various connotations of the people. Nowadays, a hero doesn’t belong to the common people. A hero of the modern world is held to his/her standard by the people who treat him/her as such.

A hero is someone who is respected. He/she is someone who knows sacrifice. For me, these are the two main things that constitute my heroes. I could name a lot of people to be my hero. I could name a lot of people to be a hero for that matter. But I won’t, since people might disagree.

However, the two people who I regard the most would be my parents. Hence, they are my heroes.


– Audrey Agustin


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