The H Word

The H word. It’s probably one of the most overused and cliché words used today. It’s loosely used to justify an unjust death, or a wrongly prosecuted person. But to me, a hero is more than an uncalled for legal decision, or an “untimely” death.

For me, a hero is everything I’m not.

I think that the idea of a hero was created so that people had someone to look up to; to idolize and imitate.   So that’s what a hero is to me; someone who makes me want to be a better version of myself.   A hero makes me want to live.  More than that, a hero actually does things for himself. A hero is happy. When you reread that line, I’m sure it sounds incredibly selfish. But all those sacrifices and selfless acts must come from a genuine place that moves him to act.  He does all those things because it makes him happy. And I couldn’t wish for anything more in this world than to be moved by that genuine place and act upon genuine intentions.

I’m a doe eyed, indecisive, idealistic realist whose study habits are moody and most of the time, I don’t even have the drive to do anything for myself (at least anything academic or healthy).  So a few of my heroes are my friends, school mates, and org mates who excel both in academics and in extracurricular activities and yet they have the time to help out people like me who can’t comprehend as quickly as they do. They make me want to be like them because they actually study hard because they want to learn, they’re active in service to their respective organizations, and on top of that, they’re good people.

But my ultimate hero—the epitome of selflessness and genuineness—is my mom.

She’s intelligent, driven, selfless, loving, eternally giving, forgiving, hardworking, and understanding. Apart from being a full time single mother, she’s also a full time businesswoman. All that she just naturally is, but she reminds us that everything she does is for us; because we make her happy. So I need not look far, or well into our nation’s past to find my personal hero. She’s everything I’m not, and in a way, the kind of person she is as a mother is who I want to be as a person.

So I hope I find my place and my calling, so that my life has more purpose than finishing college. And when I find it, I hope that it allows me to serve others genuinely and happily. Maybe when that day comes, I’ll be somebody else’s hero. But for now, I guess it’s safe to say that I’m on my way there.


-Katarina Villasenor


One thought on “The H Word

  1. I admire how you treat and recognize your mom as a hero. I too think and feel the same way to my mother. And I commend your honesty, saying that you’re a no-hero. But someday, when we become mothers ourselves, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be heroes too. 🙂 For now, let’s be heroes by being the youth that is the nation’s hope.

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