Stars Dance

If I have to pick a role model who I would consider as a modern-day hero, it would be three time MTV Music Video Awards nominee and one of the leads of the now defunct Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place — Selena Gomez.

She was born and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas with humble beginnings. From there, she appeared in Hannah Montana is Mikayla, Hannah Montana’s rival. That started her career as a Disney star. She then got her lead role in Wizards of Waverly Place as Alex Russo. The show lasted four seasons.

She’s also known as the girlfriend of Canadian singer Justin Bieber, but she’s more than that. She will Write Your Name across her heart and she inspires me to say everything I need to say — to just act Naturally about everything. Life may have ups and downs, so sometimes we need to Slow Down, but instead of going Round & Round, we have to Come & Get It

Who Says we won’t be able to achieve our dreams? Selena Gomez definitely won’t say that. She’ll tell you that you were born to Save The Day and although Falling Down is unavoidable, you have to rise up because you were made to make the Stars Dance because we were born to succeed Like A Champion. She’ll tell you to Love Like A Love Song because Love Will Remember, and unlike her friend Miley Cyrus who Can’t Stop twerking because of the Blurred Lines, she’ll tell you to Hit the Lights and dance along to the B.E.A.T.

Selena Gomez is an inspiration to all teenagers. She is admirable and is one of the most respectable figures to break out of their Disney image, and for that I consider her a modern-day hero; not because she saved the world, but because she helps teenagers like me to mature without getting lost in a haze of confusion, like Miley Cyrus who fell off The Climb or Lindsay Lohan who, from a Mean Girl turned into a meth girl.


Lyon Leus

5 thoughts on “Stars Dance

  1. Selena Gomez certainly has a good reputation compared to other former Disney stars! I do wonder how she manages to be so patient with JB when he goes around spitting at random people all the time. I admire the strength of her love amidst her younger boyfriend’s teen immaturity. I guess she just found her soulmate in him! Perhaps if people learned to love like that, there would be so much acceptance and peace in this world. Leaders create more leaders? Well, heroes create more heroes too. Her love can inspire others to love as well.

    You go Selena G!

  2. I love how this post is so unconventional. Indeed, everyone has their own perspective when the word “hero” comes to mind. It does not have to follow a certain criteria. In the end, it’s all about making an impact in someone’s life and leading them towards something greater. I really admire Selena Gomez for coming off as an inspiration to the youth, from her Barney and Friends days to releasing the song “Who Says” which is basically a call for empowerment.

  3. I love how your post is different from the other posts here – specific and very easily related to. Since most of the youth today has easy access to media, they are easily affected by what they see online and on the television. Despite the fact that a lot of Disney stars during our days are changing – good or bad, we can surely count on Selena Gomez to still be an inspiration to teens.

    I also am a fan of Selena Gomez. Despite the fame and fortune, she doesn’t let them affect her. I love how she can record songs like “Come and Get It” and still serve as role models for kids who watch her show “Wizards on Waverly Place” and movies like “Monte Carlo.”

  4. It’s nice to see a blog post that isn’t pretentious at all, It was an entertaining read and i particularly liked the last paragraph! It’s true that a hero doesn’t have to save day, but simply inspire people, like how Selena Gomez inspires you 🙂

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