Others before self

When I think about heroes, I am reminded about a verse from the Bible which is about laying down one’s life for a friend.  In this context, people always think of the soldiers, the policemen, but oftentimes, they neglect other people who are also in this line of service, the security guards.

                These people also put other people’s welfare and security before their own in their fulfilment of their duties. They face a big risk whenever they wear that uniform, badge, and hat. They are even poorly compensated with their small amount of wage even if they are in the odds of being injured, worse, being killed in the performance of the job. They are not trained as well as the policemen or soldiers are. They do not hold high-caliber guns either. Despite these, they still remain faithful to their calling.

                I hope that in this light, as we see our kuya and ate guards in school, we would respect them even more and willingly follow the rules they impose. They are not there to scold us or to restrict our actions, but they are there to protect us. Remember, they face big challenges and risks as they fulfill their commitment to service. We might as well treat them properly.


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