Not Who but What

What is a hero? People immediately jump to the Jose Rizal or the Andres Bonifacio answer, heroes that fought for our country. But those men are long past now, so much so that we only learn about them through texts or old writings. Am I saying that they should be appreciated less because they existed in the past? Definitely not, they are the men and women who shaped our country to what it is today. What I’m saying is, that they belonged in a different time and remember that heroism is not set in stone as whatever those before us have done, but what we do in the circumstances we face. A hero need not fight in the war for independence anymore, but fight for the rights of the people on the political battlefield.

As such, one of my personal heroes in politics today is  Miriam Defensor Santiago. Right now you are probably laughing off your chair or stop reading completely but hear me out first. Miriam Santiago may come across as angry and/or slightly insane to some people, but if you listen to her speak and reason, she actually has a point and has a stand, unlike nearly every other politician in Senate/Congress who bicker and flipflop on issues like children at a candy store. My point is, I believe that Miriam comes across as strange to many people because she is the result of having a competent person and placing that person into the middle of the circus we nowadays call the Senate. I admire her fortitude and her dedication to whatever stand she makes on any issue. Perhaps she does not fall into the category of hero for many, many other Filipinos, but heroes are named thus when people believe they are heroes. And that is what I believe a hero is, someone who takes a stand and fights for that stand.


3 thoughts on “Not Who but What

  1. Yeah, I agree with you here. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has been a hero for so long, bravely saving the Philippines from the corrupt politicians through countering their faulty ideologies. It is just sad that she never got to take the position of presidency.

  2. Sen. Miriam really is a remarkable person. I remember idolizing her ever since I was in high school. I used to think that if people would just listen to her, then our country will probably be in a little better state right now. 🙂 But as far as I’m concerned, I think we need to see her in action first (as in practicing what she says) before it can be said that she really is a hero.

  3. I agree with how great it is that Miriam Defensor- Santiago is one of the few politicians who has always has a clear stand, and isn’t afraid to show it, which is what I love about her, despite the occasional craziness! Being a politician (even if you are voted in by the people) doesn’t mean being a people pleaser.

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