Modern Day Heroes

 “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” The line quoted from Bob Dylan discloses the fact that anyone can be considered a hero. Given the massive choices we are faced with every single day, what we opt to do given these vast choices determines whether or not we be called heroes.

Now the question is, who are the heroes today? If it was previously presumed that anyone can be a hero, then it is obviously possible that every single one of us have different heroes or more so we can consider ourselves as one.

With all the buzz around the Pork Barrel, Janet Napoles and of course her famous daughter, Jean Napoles, I believe that Benhur Luy, Merlina Sunas and the other whistleblowers are without any doubt, heroes.

The whistleblowers revealed the immoral act that Napoles alongside some of our government officials have been quietly doing. They stole a whopping amount from what is supposedly meant for every single one of us. Without these whistleblowers, these thieves would never be publicized and the ruthless stealing from the Filipinos’ money would not come to an end.

The heroic act of the whistleblowers did not end with them telling Napoles’ story. They put both their lives and their families’ lives in grave danger. An article I read even mentioned, “Soon enough they will die (Benhur and Merlina)… They are good as dead by now” Harsh but true. This selfless act they chose to do is the main reason I consider them as heroes. Telling the story is not only for their own sake but for the entire nation. We benefited from what they did, but in the end only their lives are in danger.

Luy, Sunas, and the other whistleblowers chose to do what is right. Undeniably, they are my heroes. At the end of the day, you don’t have to die to become a hero. You just have to make the proper choices given the circumstances. When you don’t only think of yourself but more of others, when you are capable of sacrificing your own welfare and putting yourself behind others, then that I think are the true modern day heroes.



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