I guess the normal convention for being a hero is one who has done an extraordinary act for the good of others. But in my opinion, one act does not truly define a person therefore one cannot really hastily conclude that a person’s a hero because of that one act.

There’s a saying that goes “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain” It implies that somehow person can change along the way or become corrupted by some outside influences.

A true hero for me is someone who is consistent in his or her good acts. Someone who would not just simply engage in extraordinary acts, but someone who would do ordinary acts extraordinarily well. Because in my opinion, it is in the numerous small acts that truly define a person.

That being said, the ideal people whom I look to as my heroes would have to be my parents. Since day one, they have always done all they can to help me become a better person however difficult that has been. But it is a feat and in my opinion, something worthy of a hero’s recognition

2 thoughts on “Magis

  1. So, do you think that if a person who has done something extraordinarily well but made a mistake of doing something wrong cannot be considered a hero but a villain because his wrongs outshines the good he has done? Just curious.

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