Little Heroes

Heroes are defined generally as those who save the lives of many people. The world war period produced many heroes – those who fought with blood – maybe because there were many opportunities for them to motivate and inspire their fellow countrymen to fight for their freedom. People today don’t fight in wars; they fight their own battles everyday, struggling to survive the anarchy around that we call life. An individual doesn’t have to die for his/her fellowmen to be considered a hero. Today’s heroes are those who, in their own little ways, give strength to those who weep.

Everyone who has helped us in our times of trouble may be called our own little heroes. Somehow, whether we know it or not, their care for us have given us hope to continue living our lives to the fullest. Our families, especially our parents, who, since our birth, have been sacrificing for us to live a pleasant life, are heroes. Our friends who are there to keep us together when we feel like breaking down are heroes. Those who do random acts of kindness are heroes. People who volunteer for relief operations after a typhoon has affected our nation are heroes. Those who give their precious time to volunteer in orphanages and hospitals are heroes. Basically, anyone who exerts effort in making another’s life a little better can be called a hero.

The little acts we do may not mean anything to us, but it can mean the world to another. Our little acts of kindness, when piled together, can actually save a life. Each one of us possesses a little hero inside us. Everyone can be a hero to someone.

– Angelica C. Clemente


One thought on “Little Heroes

  1. I like when you said “The little acts we do may not mean anything to us, but it can mean the world to another”. We never really know how much of an impact when can make unless we actually do something for others. I agree that there is indeed a hero inside all of us!

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