It Starts with an Act.

I don’t think there is a specific act out there that automatically makes a person a hero.

A hero can be someone who sacrifices his life for the freedom of his country like our very own Jose Rizal. A hero can also be someone who does things in the service of others like the countless volunteers that gave so much of their time and energy during the relief operations and a hero can also be someone who just happens to be there to lend you a helping hand when you needed it even if it’s just to get small tasks done. 

I do think there is one thing that all these acts have in common – they all started with someone who took the initiative to act. An act would not be done if there was no doer, and heroes become heroes because they first chose to act. Which brings me to the question, Who are the heroes of today? Who are the people who are taking the initiative to act?

Coincidentally, last National Heroes Day, my question was answered. Thousands of people went to Luneta to show their support against the pork barrel system and to show their disapproval towards the corruption that was done through this system. The turnout was great for something that wasn’t even supposedly organized and it showed that there are still people who care enough for this country to make stand against those who do wrong against our nation. Those people who were there or those who showed their support through social media are heroes in their own right because while others chose to stay clueless on the issue, they took the initiative to act.

This act of support may be small but it shows that there is still a budding hero inside a lot of Filipinos, we just need to start acting to bring it out of ourselves.  


-Alyssa Bianca Santos



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