Heroes Today


Anyone of us can be a hero in our own little ways.


In order to become a hero, you do not need to do things that benefit only a very large group of people. You do not have to do things that heroes we know did in order to become one. Being a hero can come from even the simplest things like helping an old lady cross the street or giving instructions to lost man in the mall.


So, Who are our heroes now?


For me, it can be anyone. We will never know who is going to be a hero. It can be my classmate or someone who is standing in a sari – sari store. Heroes come out in unexpected moments like life-threatening situations or simply when you do not understand a lesson in school. You do not have to be a soldier, a politician, a policeman, a fire fighter, a teacher, or Superman in order to be a hero. A hero is just someone who is always willing to help others who are in need. They do not require rewards for helping others. They are selfless, somehow careless because being a hero means not thinking what might happen to them just to be able to help others.


And lastly, each one of us is a hero to someone. There will always be someone who looks at us as a hero.

-Wilberg Paz



One thought on “Heroes Today

  1. I agree with what you said. Heroes are someone who need not require rewards for something they’ve done. They are selfless and don’t hesitate to help others in need. “There will always be someone who looks at us as heroes” – I love this line. It can sort of inspire others to do good.

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