Heroes Out Of the Blue

What crafts a hero? Is it enough to be intrepid or bold, to be able to make a difference, to save a life? I’d guess there are no strict norms on what heroes should be. It’s also not easy finding one in the midst of the disarray in our world. But really, it’s not easy to find one because anyone can be one. Heroes, for me, are those who strive to do what they can for others and who don’t give up when it gets tough.

The best examples are the OFWs who continuously buoy up our economy. Who work their fingers to the bone despite the adversity of being so far off from their families and the struggles they have to face in working in an unfamiliar country where everything is unsure. The mere reality of venturing to a country where not everyone can accept and welcome them is a mark that they are one of our heroes today.

The OFWs are heroes who work abroad, but, there are Filipinos who I consider heroes that are here in our country. The farmers of the Philippines who don’t just have to work their fingers to the bone, but also bear the heat from the sun, are people so different from the OFWs but are also the modern heroes. What they go through for the food we eat is something so awesome I don’t know why a lot of Filipinos don’t notice it. They keep their heads down and persist even though they don’t get enough in return especially from their government.

Finally, the future heroes are also ones to wait for. The youth will always give hope. Those of us who strive to excel and someday, will do good for our country, are the people this country waits for.

Anyone can be heroes, but, the best of them don’t plan to be ones. I don’t think the OFWs and farmers ever expected they can be recognized as heroes. The students who study hard now and will make a change in the future will not study so that they can be named heroes. The best heroes are the ones who don’t even expect it for themselves because they will think and do for others first.

-Ina Isabel C. Lingan



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