In accordance with the national heroes day, we’re supposed to write something about heroes. Well in my opinion, heroes are just people with the guts to do what they had in mind and make a change in the world. They are not perfect. In fact, most of them are flawed, and you can even question the lives of some heroes who originally had quite a dark background. But nevertheless a mark in history is what matters. In fiction, heroes often have crazy powers or talents that allow them to beat the bad guys. Of course not in all circumstances can they win, but the main point is that they never gave up on their ideals and still tried. To compare heroes of reality and fiction may be ludicrous but the essence is the same. And the term “hero” does not need to refer to a single person per say. The heroes of world war were the countries that won. The heroes of the Philippine revolution where the Katipuneros. However do heroes really need to die in order to be honored as one? To me it’s no. All you have to do is simple, and that is to pursue your ideals and make a mark. And so, who are my heroes? The innovators. The scientists. The people who have worked their lives to change and shape the world we have now in accordance to what they thought ideal. They may have been called crazy at their times but definitely they deserve more than what we give them credit for. And that is where I end this post.

-Cristopher Franco, 2012-26132


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