Get on the List

If someone asked me who my hero is, I can’t name someone off the top of my head. As I am writing this blog entry, I am clawing at my mind. I can’t even name my own hero, so how can I tell who the heroes of today are?

Thinking about it, a hero can come in all kinds of situations. He can be the firefighter, risking his life to save the trapped child. She can be the mother who decides to work overseas to feed her children. Or maybe he’s that kid who returned your wallet when you thought you lost it. Heroes can come as that brave, lionhearted superman – but they can also be that celebrity whose philanthropic work you greatly admire. What they have in common is the fact that they bring the light during one’s personal darkness (though darkness is also subjective for each person).

There is good reason to believe that it is certainly harder to be immortalized as a hero nowadays. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be acknowledged.

As for my hero – I know a number of people who I greatly admire. Instead of limiting myself to just one or two people, I’d like to imagine that I have this sort of mental box where I put all the qualities that I would like to see in myself. May it be confidence, compassion, or sincerity – these all belong to my good influence box. And I would like to keep it open and welcoming of new qualities as the times continue to change. I may not have a “set” hero, but I continue to have guidance.

The heroes of today come from a vast pool of diversity and difference – and that’s the beauty of it all. So what can you do? Be your own hero. Be that extraordinary person that motivates yourself to do your thing, and to do it with your best. Soon, you’ll be able to do the same to others.

Welcome to somebody’s list of heroes!


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