Every Breath You Take

In a world of 7 billion people, it must be overwhelming to imagine all the events happening in our world that seems to unendingly occur simultaneously through time. From simple day-today activities to life changing events, it is rather a peculiar feeling to search out for moments where heroes whom we may consider in today’s society appear in. Unlike in the previous course of our history, the wartime in particular, it is rather obvious to pinpoint the people whom we may consider heroes. To clearly set them, they are our fellow Filipinos who fought for our liberation, who sought national independence. But what about in a Philippines free from colonizers, in the modern days to be exact. How would we then define whom we shall consider to be a hero. Are they those who continually preserve the independence of our nation, is it limited to the people in the national defense, or is it limited to our fellows in the government, for the sake of political argument. I concede and tend to find it however true and applicable in every citizen that continue to do their part in our nation building to be called heroes. It is the preservation of our nation, its liberty and in extent, its independence and national identity through any able citizen, in their contributions through actions or any other form to uphold of what was said beforehand. One of the argument, in direction of the national inflicting course of actions is not to be expected from every single citizen, but to be the outcome of arbitrary actions leading towards the definition of our modern heroes. It may be a difficult challenge to liberate one’s homeland, but isn’t true as well that rather, preserving the independence, the ideals of our forefathers and the welfare of our countrymen in a perpetual timeline to be just as hard or may be even harder in the long run, particularly in a society to be lured, still, by the horrors of the unfortunate culture that holds us back from developing as a nation, to progress in prosperity and in the end, live the dreams of our forefather to their land, our Philippines. 


3 thoughts on “Every Breath You Take

  1. Reading your title got me really interested in reading your whole essay. I also believe that everyone is a hero, especially those who do acts whether they be little or big, that help shape and make our country a better place.

    -Francesca Yazon

  2. You have a very catchy title 🙂 I agree with you saying that citizens who continue to do their part in our nation building are heroes of our time. You need not die for the country to be a hero. Doing your part as a citizen of this nation, no matter how big or small that part, can make you a hero.

  3. I agree that being a hero in these present day demands a different role as a the heroes in the past. Maintaining is different from achieving and requires a more unified effort by our countrymen.

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