A hero is defined by words such as courage, brave, powerful and strong. It comes with an imagery of saving someone from pits of darkness or catching someone falling off a cliff. Defined as a man admired for his good deeds and noble qualities, a hero is someone you can depend on in the midst of trouble. He is someone you can call in times of need. When fighting crimes and when monsters and aliens invade such a planet, we call the being that saved humanity a hero.

There comes great respect and honour when a hero is named. But with that, great responsibility is also bestowed upon them. Trying to keep this responsibility is a hard thing to do. It is one thing to accept a responsibility and it is another to be responsible. A hero, despite of hardships and trials, can be responsible enough to do what he is called to do and what he is tasked upon.

To be named a hero and to be called a hero does not require you to have super powers, political power or any power in general. It does not require you to fly, be invisible and charismatic. It does not require you to be in colourful costumes and cruise along the city to fight crime. To be a hero is to have a heart that is willing to serve. It is to be a servant to other people.

Being a hero starts in the heart of an individual, with the willingness to serve. From there, it takes you to a whole new different drive of doing the right thing and making change one step at a time.


I am defined by such, and you are as well.


I can be a hero in my own little ways and so can you.


-debbie yrreverre


One thought on “Defined

  1. “Willingness to serve” its true and i completely agree with everything you said, a hero does not need to have powers to be one. Just the heart to do it is enough to make a change.

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