A Nation where being the Anti-Hero is Better than being a Hero

Heroes, commonly pictured by the media as entities whose moral values greatly surpass those of civilian stature, are revered by the Filipinos as they try to latch on the idea of heroism to every worker within and out the borders of the Philippines as a desperate attempt to soften up the pain and sacrifice these Filipinos are experiencing just so their family would be able to eat thrice a day. Would these so-called “Heroes” even call themselves heroes if they could see themselves now?

In our nation now, being the Hero means being the one carrying the burden of a sinking ship. Being the Hero means keeping the dead-weight of those who exploit the misinformed and uneducated. Being the Hero means sacrificing part of your life to a people who has never treated you as just and well as you deserve. In our nation now, the Hero means being manipulated and used.

An Antihero on the other hand is a commonly noted as a protagonist who’s described as someone who does not have ‘heroic’ qualities such as being morally good, idealistic, courageous, and other double-standard-ed shit the media has been pouring into our minds. I, for one, would choose to be an Antihero in a country full of sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. I would not choose to carry the burden of those trying to pull me down. I would not try to save a nation so desperately keen on milking me of what I’m worth and throwing me aside once I’m already used up. I’m not a pawn of what society says is a moral standard.

I have my own principles, my own set of ‘moral’ standards. I work and live for those who I know would do the same for me. I work and strive to survive each day, as my parents have done for me without depending on inconsistent peers who change their sides once you’re caught in an unlucky proposition. I don’t need a title that implies that I’m a slave of the government. I don’t need that kind of ‘valiant’ recognition that defy logic and rational thought.

I am the Antihero of tomorrow.

Antiheroes, the real ‘heroes’ who will strive for change.

-Ivan Kim Guno (2012-65476)


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