A Hero Lies In You.

For me, being hero is not just about dying for a cause. It’s all about perspective, you could be a hero by simple acts, offering your seat to an elderly person or a pregnant woman in the bus, by giving spare food to hungry street children, even just by helping keep our environment clean. We consider overseas Filipino workers as one of the modern heroes, because of the effort and their sacrifice to help their families and the country. Although some people may argue that they generally only help families. Although this year’s national heroes day celebration did seem undermined by the recent storm and the Million People March in Luneta, we can find our modern day heroes here in these events. Concerned citizens rallying against the corrupt system and the volunteers rescuing stranded people in their flooded houses and those volunteering to donate, distribute and deliver relief goods to those in need. Again, these may seem ordinary to some people, those who need help will find it heroic already. Whether your effort maybe big or small, everyone has an inner hero inside themselves, and as sung by Mariah Carey, “…a hero lies in you…”

One thought on “A Hero Lies In You.

  1. I think most people are not fully aware of what a hero is or what defines it. They fail to recognize the little acts that should be regarded as heroic. This may cause a problem in promoting change because if none acknowledges those people who do little things, no one would be encouraged to do so or less would be willing to help others.

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