A Hero in the Making

Many can be said to describe what turns an ordinary person into a hero. Is it the weight of the problems he solves? Or perhaps the importance of the person he saves? Nowadays, I notice how loosely the term hero is used. For someone whose main concern is paying tuition or just getting by financially, a hero could be a philanthropist who decides to give him or her a full scholarship. On the other hand, a hero could simply be a friend who decides to give you a ride to an event or a hangout you’ve been wanting to go to. We define what hero is for us.

Let’s look at the nation. I know that it will take a separate post to talk about the ills of our country, but no matter how many they are or how deep they get, no one can argue where the weight of these problems will fall. It won’t be the responsibility of our parents or the leaders today (at least not for long). Mostly, the effects of these problems will fall on us, the youth, the students, the sons and daughters. In this stage of our lives, life has offered us the gift of potential and it really is up to us to turn that gift into actual acts of heroism.


One thought on “A Hero in the Making

  1. Very insightful. This made me realize how focusing on the label and definition of a hero is far less significant than just aspiring to do acts of heroism.

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